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Visualisation | Speciality Spaces

March 23

Spaces that serve specialist purposes often present an opportunity to experiment with design and develop a unique sense of character. For these more bespoke areas, it is important to understand the feeling and form of the space as it develops. Specialist spaces can be visualised to show how they look, feel and function, with particular consideration for unique items such as bespoke furniture pieces, musical instruments, exercise equipment and car collections, and how these pieces interact within the space.

The first image is an example of a Visualisation prepared for a sleek, flat-roofed, low-profile outbuilding design. Large expanses of glazing create a bright and airy space, and a guillotine window by Vitrocsa demonstrated to our clients how they could achieve an indoor / outdoor swimming experience. Note the steam on the glass, and reflections in the water – atmospheric qualities that truly bring the space to life and transport the viewer into the world we’ve created for them.

The second example is also a flat-roofed, low-profile outbuilding, adjacent to a very different property, and with a unique set of requirements. Here, our client had a particular interest in integrating Nohrd Waterrower equipment, which informed much of the interior aesthetic. A flexible approach to the gym layout was also key, which led to what appears as a simple design, with intricate detailing for hidden joinery and coordination of services, without compromising the overall vision.  

Visualisation is such a diverse medium, and the most fantastic tool in helping us communicate a design or concept effectively. Each project is so unique and embodies its own narrative and set of objectives, and it is quite a thrill to be able to create an image that truly captures that vision. Keep an eye out for our next post where we introduce Paul Jones, the Artist behind the incredible visuals we’ve enjoyed sharing these past few weeks.

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