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Collaboration | Spiral Cellars

July 22

The partnership on this stunning wine room with Spiral Cellars – the world’s leading provider of luxury wine storage, and long-term collaborator of ours – is a wonderful example of collective vision and a collaborative, creative response to a complex brief.

Spiral Cellars has over thirty-five years’ experience, and they offer an extensive portfolio of tailormade cellaring options, from their eponymous limestone spiral staircase underground cellars – which we’ve fitted in a number of our private residences – to beautifully bespoke wine rooms, state-of-the-art wine walls, and elegant wine galleries.

A wine room is a working space and must reflect one’s wine cellaring requirements. Spiral Cellars often find there’s an impulse from clients to lead development with visual style, where it is preferable to start by considering layout and access first, and the ability to manage cases, loose bottles, and cellar capacity. With our client’s sizeable, varied, and rare wine collection, a significant emphasis was placed on functionality, and the team progressed our initial concept through to detailed and technical design, manufacture, and installation – including fit-out, mechanical ventilation, lighting and climate control – with ease, exceptional care and attention to detail.  

Similar to our own in-house use of CGI and visualisation-aided design development, Spiral Cellars provide their clients with a rendered visual before manufacture commences – to help convey how the room will look and offer invaluable review of bottle positioning (see images 3 and 4). It was this that helped secure a decision to progress with a dark stained oak finish, and an angled horizontal display leading into the room, with lattice racking above the counter.

Unlike others, Spiral Cellars do not have a history based in kitchens or joinery; they have always specialised in wine cellar design and craftsmanship, and really are masters of their trade – which has been evident from inception through to completion of this, and many of our other, projects.

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