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Planning Permission | Luxury Car Showroom

December 21

Alongside a series of supporting consultants, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with Tom Hartley Junior – a leading name in the world of performance and classic cars – relocating his luxury dealership to new headquarters in the heart of Oxfordshire’s thriving automotive scene, and in close proximity to Bicester Heritage, Silverstone and more.

Located in the parish of Hook Norton, utilising a brown field site previously under automotive use, the recently consented scheme with JPPC secured the demolition of the current building stock, and introduction of a new space measuring circa 42,500sqft, set to include preparation facilities, car storage and showrooms. Designed as a series of simple barn-style forms that intersect to create courtyard spaces – reminiscent of a traditional farmstead – the buildings reference the characteristics of the local vernacular, while introducing contemporary detailing and materiality. A restricted palette of high-quality materials include coursed dressed local stone, alongside metal standing seam roofs and cladding.

The showroom will present some of the most significant performance and classic cars in automotive and motorsport history - as well as playing host to some of the world’s most discerning collectors and connoisseurs. Creating the perfect exhibition and purchasing environment was therefore key to the project - and central to this was creating a space that celebrates and reflects exceptional design.

Echoing the true works of art on display, and representing the quality and prestige that the company embodies was an exciting and challenging brief, and as ever, we worked with some outstanding supporting consultants, including JPPC, Portus + Whitton, Sarah Venners Arb, Infrastruct CS and Windrush Ecology, all of whom played a pivotal role in securing this fantastic consent.

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