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AO Website Journal Planning Permission 17097 Chinnor Hills

Developer Residential

Contemporary Woodlands Development

Set at the lower slopes of a large woodland area, within the Chiltern’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this wholesale redevelopment programme presents five traditionally inspired, yet modern in appearance, four- and five-bedroom dwellings, each with extensive gardens and private parking.

Formerly occupied by two rather undistinguished onsite dwellings, this residential scheme places the conservation and enhancement of the rural landscape and scenic beauty upfront and centre in the design.

Optimising extensive views of the site, while mitigating the visual impact of the development, is key. Dwellings are placed in, rather than on, the landscape, and working with the levels and natural slope of the site, ensures the homes appear deeply nestled within their surroundings.

A staggered layout with large breaks between properties – achieved through stacking floors – varies the lowland vale views up towards the development, obscuring impactful lighting and parking, and introduces vital green areas encouraging local biodiversity and natural wilding, while establishing new vistas through the site to the countryside below.

Subdued materiality, sympathetic to the local vernacular, includes red brick, knapped flint, black timber cladding, and both slate and clay roof tiles. These traditional materials ensure the properties assimilate within their context, while a modern interpretation of traditional construction techniques and contemporary detailing gives the development a distinct modern appearance.

Project Details
Project Name Chinnor Hills
Project Reference 17097
Landscape Design ASA Landscape Architects