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Collaboration | Nicholsons

November 21

We believe that the landscaping surrounding a building can dramatically enhance the architecture, and vice versa. It is often the first and last thing a client sees as they approach or leave a building and, as we know, first and last impressions are what often defines an experience.

At AO, we collaborate with a number of highly skilled and talented Landscape Architects and Designers, and the partnership on this stunning Berkshire home with Nicholsons is testament to how close teamwork and shared vision can achieve beautiful results.

Set close to the banks of the River Thames, the gentle gradient of the site of this new Georgian-inspired property afforded the opportunity to introduce split levels and terraces – allowing the scheme to respond to the natural topography, as it falls towards the river, and capturing unobstructed views across, while avoiding excessive earthworks. The stunning swimming pool, by Brickell Pools, is set at the lowest level to ensure that it has a feeling of privacy and protection from the raised terraces and planting surrounding it, without the need for any formal enclosure.

The design of the main hard landscaped terraces reflects the quality of the Portland stone façade of the main house, with darker, visually recessive materials used around and behind planting beds, to ensure that the soft landscaping and planting visually ‘pops’ against its background.

The planting specification sought to provide a scheme with year-round interest, colour and texture and is supplemented by a wider native tree planting programme that replaces previously poor condition and non-native species and supplements the existing high quality tree varieties.

When it comes to the implementation of landscaping and planting design on this scale, the scheduling and phasing is key. Nicholsons’ extensive experience when it comes to seasonal planting phases, along with their clear communication, ensured that the landscaping was seamlessly implemented and established, and has thrived throughout its first year.

We look forward to sharing more of this incredible Traditional Home, over the coming months, and to seeing the landscaping continue to evolve in the coming years.